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Research Helps
If you need assistance with a foreign language please call 480-964-1200
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Powerpoint Presentations and Quick Starts
Assists with researching specific parts of the world and with various ethnic groups
Expert Help Powerpoint Presentations (PDF)
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Getting Started with Quick Starts
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British Isles England / Wales
Canadian Canadian Research
French Canadian Research
10 Province & 3 Territory Maps

Ontario Land Divisions 2016-1605
Handout (Maps)
Russia Russian Records
Maps & Lists of Countries
Tsarist Russia
Eastern European Research & Maps
German Finding Your German Origins Steps in Tracing your German Ancestors
Immigration/Emigration Immigration & Naturalization
Finding Your Ancestral Village
Immigration before 1820
Immigration after 1820
Land & Probate Land Records
Probate Records
Georgia Land Lotteries
Foreign Possessions in Early America
Land Records: Individual to Individual
Land Records: State-Land States to Individuals
Land from Federal Government to Individuals
How to find Probate Records
LDS Ancestor Research
LDS Records Research
LDS Ancestor Research
Military Military Records - A Beginners Guide
Military Records Help Guide
Military Records at the National Archives
Searching Military Draft Cards
Revolutionary War
Civil War
Pre-20th Century Wars
20th Century Wars
Native American, Polynesian &
Native American Help Guide Native American
Finding Your Dutch Ancestry Netherlands
Scandinavian Script Scandinavia
Books at Mesa Family History Center
Other Tools
How to use Arkivalier
How to use Landsarkivet
Sweden & Finland Sweden & Finland
Denmark Denmark
How to use Dansk-Danmark
How to use DIS-Danmark
Norwegian Research
Norway Best Websites
How to use Norway Maps
How to use Norway Nat'l Archives
Spanish Spanish Training & Research